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Kindness is the only way forward. Intelligent Physiq provide tailored yoga and personal training services to help you be healthy and well. With integrated assessment and holistic treatment of exercise science. To get you in control of your shape, health and fitness. We help people manage pain, build strength, develop fitness balance, accuracy and agility all while developing their neuroplasticity in memory and learning.

Healthcare tends to be reactive. Intelligent Physiq want to change that. We teach you how to remove all matters in conflict with your health.

Aging Sucks. Combine neglect and abuse in Aged Care with no real solution to fix with an aging population. Intelligent Physiq are a solution to get adults strong, balanced and fast. Develop accuracy and agility and feel more in control and certain about your health!

Cells are behavioural. We employ psychoneuroimmunology PNI to improve your health logically. PNI integrates three fields of medicine; psychology, neurology and immunology. Heal shock and trauma without shock and trauma. Trauma is simply unnecessary.

Timing is everything. Research has shown soft tissue delay predicts injury and pain. We help you align your cells and soft tissues to perform accurately and on time every time without thought. We want to act before the peak of the problem to potentially prevent the problem from happening in the first place.

Walk in with health concerns, walk out without them. A client walked in with a migraine and said their migraine had gone as they walked out. A client walked in with a headache, again reported it gone when they walked out. A client walked in with a limp and self reported her limp had gone at the end of the session. We tailor your session to you on the day.

Habit Formation. The striatum is the area in the brain that forms habit. Health is a habit, happiness is a habit. Our expertise speed up your progress along the road of health and happiness. Health is a habit, happiness is a habit. It takes two weeks to form a habit. The striatum filters learned behaviours, some learned behaviours don’t promote health so it is possible to unlearn them if the human wants to. The striatum codes and recodes procedural memory as becoming accomplished in a task motivates us so the striatum is key to our motor and rewards system. 

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Complete health assessment. Integrated treatment from evidence based exercise medicine. Routine, individualised progressions. Safe tailored sessions.