Personal Training

Health is logical. We use science to get you in shape quick smart.

Walk in with migraine/headache/limp, walk out without migraine/headache/limp.

Integrated assessment. Holistic treatment.

Learn how to heal yourself. Apply physiqs knowledge to your movement pattern. Think with your feet so your feet never miss.

Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) integrates three fields of science psychology, neurology and immunology to examine and look to resolve health concerns logically.

Does your body procrastinate? Heal cellular latency to manage/minimise/prevent present/past/future injury/pain.

We are the only therapy that does not make you relive trauma. Trauma is unnecessary. We heal shock and trauma without shock and trauma!

Guided meditations. Sometimes humans make health more complicated than it should be. Tone your body and mind with tailor-made deep relaxation.

Train for accurate movement without thought.

Health is a habit. Happiness is a habit. Habits take two weeks to form. Are you ready?

Your first yoga or personal training session is free. Complete with integrated assessment and holistic treatment. Download your exercise consent form ๐Ÿ“ pinned below this message and please email or text it to 0402 203 354. Health waits for nobody. Letโ€™s build your fitness and immunity today.