Personal Training

Transform health concerns,

with complete health management

Intelligent Physiq make health easy. We provide a posture service that systematically manages the crap out of all aspects of your current and future health.

Blood pressure drop straight after exercise
Text book blood pressure reading post training on the right
This is how we role during covid. Posture on the bike for smooth riding.

Clean safe powerful exercise

We map your neurology a bit like GPS and teach you how to imprint clean physical movement patterns on your brain to express organic lean muscle patterns that give infinite strength to your limbs (your arms and legs). Balance is pure physics. Gravity always wins, learn your center of gravity and how to maintain it through connected movements patterns and voila, you have a brand new body you have to go test drive baby.


Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) looks at the psychological components of unsolved neurological and immunological health concerns scientifically. PNI shows a pathway to health through a clean understanding of a persons health philosophy and health psychology. It enables the medical scientist to explore the root cause of the stubborn health concern and powerfully manage the crap out of it through deep relaxation techniques such as moving meditations, education, awareness, hypnosis, yoga, yoga sleeps (the yoga nidra) and guided meditations. To help put you in control of your health and explore the true patten that create the health concerns in the first place. This is how we solve health puzzles!

Strong Stomach

Give me all your pain, sickness, symptoms and I will teach you how to manage the crap out of them. We teach the afferent pathways so your brain remembers how to move, so the efferent pathways of your physical muscular response to stimulus is raw and naturally accurate without thought. There is no margin for error.

360° physical balance training system

Tone all 198 aspects of your physical self that protect your 33 spine. Through six quality only directions, flexion, extension, side like left and right and rotation left and right. Enabling infinite configurations because of on time connected movement. A time hiatus in cellular movement costs dearly beyond measure. Correct time imbalances in your body that get you down when the going gets tough. Let us settle your battles as you must preserve your strength and be prepared if we were to face a really big problem.

Timing is everything

Time is space. If you have no space, you have no time and health takes preparation, effort and time. Cellular time delay causes pain, injury and accidents. We put you back in control of your health. Deliberate daily habits cause success, health and happiness. Sustainable success is no surprise. Preparing for chaos enables a swift and effective appropriate and measured response. Patterns are a result of timing. If the timing issues are removed, the patterns too should no longer exist. Come and try a free no obligation session and together let us solve your health puzzle.

First session free. Download exercise consent form here and email to Thank you