integration of the obstacles of yoga (sutra 1:29 to 1:33)

90min of yoga in 8seconds. Integrating Pantanjali’s sutras 1:29 to 1:33. Those four sutras pack a punch. They discuss the vritti (lower mind chatter) that stems from attempting to opt out of reality. My yoga practice today, integrated this beast and resulted in a permanent shift up in gears on and off the mat. #yoginiinpractice

#Onthemat Pose depth proceeds stretch quality. The scientific evidence of yoga abounds. To enable free healthy movement and manage a myriad of possible risks, safety into and out of the yoga poses is critical and specific for each and every body. #Patanjali has 194 sutras, to enable me overcome the distraction from whatever obstacle #inmyelement

#Offthemat I applied Patanjali’s wisdom and dealt with all eight yoga obstacles that cause me to feel distracted this week. These obstacles included sickness, inertia, doubt, overwhelm, procrastination, intemperance, illusion and impatience. All those filthy time sucking things. How? 1. I Discern you feel distracted (sutra 1:30). 2. Attend to your needs (sutra 1:31). 3. Objective focus (unsentimental, non-attached variagya (sutra 1:32). Be friendly, compassionate, in delight and in disregard (Sutra 1:33). 4. Focused on the infinite (sutra 1:29) who you were 300 years ago and who you will be 300 years from now. Applying these four things on and off the mat moved significant obstacles for me regarding clarity of work quality and life quality.

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