to soothe (Sutra 1:33)

2hrs yoga in 8seconds. Sutra 1:33 teaches you to to be “one that soothes”. Feeling soothed is particularly important following the last session on how to overcome the yoga obstacles (Patanjali’s Sutras 1:29 to 1:32). Sutra 1:33, discusses how you can soothe others, which soothes your needs too in all interactions of the collective personality. Patanjali describes four types of people and four methods of people management. For simplicity and learning purposes, these personalities will be conveyed as one collective person. Patanjali describes these four people as happy in sanskrit sukha, unhappy dukha, virtuous punya or wicked apunya. To be one that soothes amid any and all personality interactions, Patanjali advises you, the yogi (masculine) or yogini (feminine) to apply 1. friendliness, 2. compassion, 3. delight and 4. disregard to some degree in all interactions with the (collective) personality.

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