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Experience better performance

Protect against injury and manage complex pain

Evidence based exercise science

Integrated assessments and tailored systematic progressive treatment. Experience sustainable convenient healthy change with Intelligence Physique.

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Personal Training

For optimal wellbeing and healthy empowerment

Physical alignment recalibrate the body through exercise science post trauma, grief, abuse, stress to begin again

Thrive and self actualise

Safely master your health through training

Develop independence in all aspects of self

Get strong for that life change

Ongoing integrated assessment and tailored treatment

Intelligence Physique provides convenient posture health management specific to your health, happiness and medical needs


Achieve peak performance with management of the variables that effect your health, happiness

Self actualise


Develop peace and objectivity with meditation to help you be your best, manage boundaries, trauma, abuse, grief or stress.

Develop your independence with Intelligence Physique

Classical Yoga

Learn how to relax all effort through the law of yoga. Practice how to develop your health, strengths and experience peace with ease. Safe tailored yoga sessions to help you develop stability within. Limbering, sequencing, progressions, adjustments and the many layers of meditation.

Sample beginner to intermediate yoga class