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Kimberley Anderson

helping people manage their health through posture

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Director Intelligence Physique

Have your health and medical conditions assessed and treated through evidence based posture science

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Graduate Diploma in Psychology 2014

Diploma of Classical Yoga 2012

Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis 2011

Bachelor of Psychology 2010

Bachelor in Exercise Science and Human Movement 2010

Certificates II, III & IV Fitness 2004-2008

Certificates I & II Business Office Administration 1999


95 hrs Clinical Osteopathic supervision 2017-2019

12 hrs Clinical Neurophysiotherapists 2018

15 hrs Alexander Technique Supervision 2017

Psychoneuroimmunology in MS patients literature review 2009


Personal Trainer in private practice 2009-present

Yoga Teacher 2012-present

Yoga sutra book draft 2018-present

Thesis on posture integrate assessment and treatment 2018-present

140 hrs clinical observation of allied health specialists 2016

Central Nervous System rehabilitation post trauma 2017-present

Thesis longitudinal sleep and breathing in quadriplegia 2013

140 hrs Clinical Observation Clinical Sleep Psychologist 2010

Project Co-ordinator arson avoidance with Country Fire Authority 2012

Personal Trainer in gyms 2004-2009

Health sales (39% closing ratio), voice coaching, toastmasters 2002-2009

Hospitality, customer service, warehouse work 1996-2002


Athlete 1997-present

Scottish, Latin, Street Latin Belly, Ballroom dance 2001-2008, 2018

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