Intelligence Physique

Intelligence Physique was born to empower adults to lead a quality, fulfilling healthy life. Intelligence Physique help people develop discipline, independence and mastery of basic life skills, which includes; health management, the development of self knowledge and awareness, healthy boundaries, emotional wellbeing and management, mental wellbeing and a steady internal locus of control.

Kimberley Anderson

Kim helps people manage their health through posture

Helping you, when you want to help yourself, makes me smile

Director Intelligence Physique

I help manage patients health and medical conditions through posture. Through integrative assessment and tailored treatment of evidence based exercise science and medicine. I help manage patients improve their life quality and feel a little bit better then when they started each session. Experience convenient permanent healthy change today with Kim.


Graduate Diploma in Psychology 2014

Diploma of Classical Yoga 2012

Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis 2011

Bachelor of Psychology 2010

Bachelor in Exercise Science and Human Movement 2006-2010

Certificate II, III & IV in Fitness (Gym Instruction, Group Exercise Instruction, Personal Training) 2004, 2005, 2008

Certificate I and II in Business Office Administration 1998-1999

Clinical Supervision

95 hours Clinical Osteopathic supervision 2017-2019

12 hours Clinical Neurophysiotherapists and Physiotherapists assistant for Stroke Rehabilitation 2018

15 hours Supervision in The Alexander Technique 2017

Senior Clinical Psychologist Supervision for Post Graduate literature review in Psychneuroimmunology on the psychology of Multiple Sclerosis patients 2009

Clinical Experience

Personal Trainer in Private Practice 2009-Present

Yoga Teacher 2012-Present

Book draft on the origin of the Yoga Sutras 2018-Present

Thesis on health from an integrated assessment and connected movement treatment of posture 2018-Present

140 hours Clinical Observation of allied health specialists including Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Exercise Physiologists, Athletic Coaches and Podiatrists 2016

Rehabilitation of central nervous system trauma patterns 2017-Present

Thesis on the Sleep and Breathing in Cervical Spinal Cord Injury 2013

140 hours Clinical Observation with Clinical Sleep Psychologist at the Austin and Monash Medical Centre 2010

Project Coordinator for assist in the development of a multi-disciplinary approach and Referral Pathway for youths at Risk of Firesetting with the Country Fire Authority (CFA) 2012

Other experience

Personal Trainer in Gyms 2004-2009

Health Sales, voice coaching, toastmasters 2002-2004

Hospitality, customer service, warehouse assistant 1996-2002


Athletic events include Head of the School Girls, half Ironman, half Marathons, olympic distance triathlons, generalised training 1997-Present

Dance training and performance in Scottish Highland, Latin, Street Latin, Belly, Ballroom 2001-2008, 2018